We, as a company, from the first beginning day focused entirely on jewelry repair, design and manufacturing.  The investment in equipment, education and artisans made us a leader in jewelry repair much like a renowned heart clinic that specializes in heart surgery.  Your, jewelry repair is done by experts who have the latest and best equipment available to them to repair your jewelry to the highest standards in the jewelry industry.

Our motto has always been “If you can imagine it, we can do it” and everyone here proves this every day.  Every person is encouraged to dream and use their imagination to give you the best in service, quality and personal attention and to stay educated and informed on the latest equipment, techniques and metallurgy so all jewelry repairs is done to the highest standards.

Because of the quality, attention and standards we use to do every repair job, we can offer un-conditional guarantees on our repair work knowing when you leave with your repair job, you have the best work available anywhere.

Why choose Davidas Design Concepts over any other repairperson or jewelry establishment for your jewelry repair?  Because frankly, we are the best and our only limitation is your imagination.